COMPETITION: You could win a car!

To enter, just like this post! One lucky winner could win a Kia Sportage!



Fine, take your chances

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where’s my sportage

I could win a Carl?

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Do I have to ask the bill payer’s permission before liking the post?

No, fuck the bill payer

The “Sportage”? Hey fellas, the “Sportage”! Well la di da, Mr. Frenchman.


Haha! Fucking cool!

Was only recently thinking about becoming a “comper”, seems like an attractive career move.

I tried it out once, spent about 20 hours on loquack or whatever its called, didn’t get anything

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Oh dear, just checked and could has now been legally made will when talking about free draws.

what’s everyone gonna do with their car if they win?
I think I’ll give mine to my beloved mother

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Just gonna torch it


Excuse me

Legally you’ve got to give someone who likes the post a kia sportage

I will mate, have you not read the thread?

I don’t trust your italics

Warning everyone, this is a SCAM! If the car gets a flat tyre, YOU will be responsible for repairing it.

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I’ve got a friend who’s learning to drive currently after a real-life “surprise, very late-notice pregnancy” so I’ll give him the car so he can use it to drive his darling new daughter around in her little car seat