Competitive Eating/Drinking Thread



Are you going to let that gorilla make you look like a chump, @japes ? I’m certain you could drink more than five litres of undiluted blackcurrant juice.

Boasts and challenges please.


I can smash a Capri-Sun in 2.3 seconds.


I can eat an infinite number of Jaffa Cakes in one sitting.


I reckon I could give any of you a good run for your money when drinking a bottle of banana Frijj.


absolutely you could, because banana is the worst flavour


Once saw a pitcher of snakebite and black off in one go at uni.

Came straight back up within about 30 seconds :smiley:

Going here:
Next week for my stag do. That’s nailed on to turn into an eating competition.


do you remember Frijj EXTREME white chocolate?


Reckon I could neck it in 5 seconds.


I love this woman, she’s amazing. This video is especially great since she out-eats two professional wrestlers.


I like when eating challenges in shit restaurants give you a prize of a picture on the wall. Brilliant


More of a Yazoo man, myself


I had a Yazoo for the first time recently.

Would drink again.


Find Frijj just a little bit overly thick and sticky (doesn’t stop me drinking one if Yazoo unavailable). Vanilla Yazoo is a proper winner btw.


Can do a guiness in 3s
Used to have my photo on the wall of Champs for their hot wing challenge, but got knocked out of the top 5 shortly after


No way you could do that in 5 seconds, I’m sure the study of fluid dynamics would say so. I liked the white chocolate one though. I used to drink the 1 litre bottles of the normal stuff sometimes (can you still those?). I never really drink them anymore, although today I do have some posho chocolate milk!


Don’t they deliberately choose disgusting shit in those competitions to weed out the chancers? Kale and that. Think we need to hear less from bedwetters proudly talking about how much they could drink of a thing they like and more from peeps who could smash loads of onion tbf.


could get through 100g of cough sweets in an hour


This is more like it. Any advances?


you’re looking at a former high school scranarama champion, I’ll have you know


Once beat everyone in my group of mates for most number of Fisherman’s Friends you could eat in one go.

Didn’t kiss anyone for days after. Probably connected.


was it one whole fisherman’s friend?