Competitive Sailing

Not for me, thanks

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Now you’re talking my language!

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Basically the same as competitive football, isn’t it. If you think about it.

sounds like a PS2 game or something, doesn’t count

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I think I say the sentence “I’m a land dwelling creature” about once every two months (on average)


… ?

Think about it.

Yeah, pretty much. Except one is a thing that I love with a real and genuine passion and one is something that is “not for me, thanks”

shit there goes my idea for your stag do


It must be the worst spectator sport to try and watch.

I’d quite like to try sailing some time though - it sounds fun.

I am (as yet) un-engaged

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One of my pals was the photographer for a quite famous round the world sailor.

Said he was a cunt.

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I’ll level with you Marckee-Mark, it’s surprising to me that you haven’t tried sailing

I just like to have a plan in my back pocket in case someone pops the question and you ask me to be best man

On the subject of the sea being a bit of a prick, through my own misguided politeness I think I’m going fishing on Saturday morning for 3 hours on the Dorset coast but I don’t want to be going fishing on Saturday morning for 3 hours on the Dorset coast.

Did she ever watch the film Adrift?

Can’t be too careful I guess!


Did this near Torquay a few years ago with my family and my young niece was the only person to catch a single fish which was fairly nice I guess.