Compilation CDs of your youth

Reckon for a lot of us compilation CDs were a gateway into much of the music we listen to now. One of my earliest memories from a car journey is my Dad sticking an indie one on - my parents would only play the songs they liked so when you heard another song which didn’t regularly come up, it was like a bit of a mystery. Still remember For Tomorrow by Blur being on it because I liked the line about trying not to be sick again as I hated being sick and Laid by James cause of the way he sang skewers.

The Kerrang CDs were great. Couldn’t pick a favourite but it was either HIgh Voltage

or 4

Their free CDS were brilliant too and had some real oddities on sometimes (that Biffy Clyro - Buddy Holly cover)

This one blew my tiny mind though

This Metal Hammer CD was always on play

and of course the Rock Sound monthly CDs always had some extra great stuff on

Had the first Shine in 1995


These two were huge for me. Heard so many bands from those two labels for the first time.

I saw Pete Astor last year at The Lexington and Dalston Victoria and finally heard Up The Hill And Down The Slope live after 27 years.


Was all about Deep Heat 9 (Ninth Life - Kiss The Bliss) for me:

And then Loaded:

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Got this when I was about 16/17. Had a massive impact


Got this on a whim after Nirvana exploded, simply because it was a Sub Pop compilation. It introduced me to Beat Happening, Afghan Whigs and Mark Lanegan, for which I am eternally grateful.

And then, of course, there was this:


The Smash Hits 1990 LP for me when I was 11. Really I just wanted the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles single, Turtle Power, but my local supermarket didn’t have it. But that track was on this compilation, which also featured Doin’ the Doo by Betty Boo which I loved (and still love) so the hefty £9 price tag still felt worth it (pretty sure my parents helped me out with the cost as I doubt my pocket money would have stretched to that). And after rinsing the mainstream pop of sides 1 and 2, delving into sides 3 and 4 was a nice gateway to stuff I would go on to like a little later, like Depeche Mode and The Soup Dragons.


100% with you on the Patron Saints of Teenage. I discovered so much from that and moving on to discover futher projects by the artists on the album. I think it had to be purchased via the NME, was that right?

There was also a fantastic radio show about Creation around late 1993 based around the 10 year anniversary on Radio 1.

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Boight this when I was 12 as it was cheap. Loved the Entombed tracks some of the other took a little longer to get into.

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I had this one too, along with The Greatest Hits of 1990. It was a great way to hoover up all the songs you’d loved over the year but couldn’t afford to buy. I seem to remember the tracks I wanted most on that one were Step On, I’m Free, Strawberry Fields Forever and It’s a Shame.

(And just realised that all four of those songs were cover versions, which sums up 1990 perfectly!)

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I also had this a wonderful gateway into loads of great bands.

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Bought as a fresh faced wannabe indie kid around the age of 12 because it had Oasis on it and a few other bands like Blur, Lightning Seeds and Pulp. As far as I know it was my first ever introduction to the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Smiths and a few others which were only half a generation previous but weren’t as easy to come across in the pre-internet era.

I really liked Hope Street by the Levellers, The Wannadies - Might Be Stars, Gene - Olympian off this.


Yeah. Great compilation.

I think we had to collect three tokens in three weeks from The NME and send a cheque for about £3 to cover postage and packing.

God, yes, you’re right! Like Weetabix packets.

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This Select one sticks out in my head, largely as it had a live version of Gorky’s album track on it and came out as 14 year old me was getting obsessed with them. Got me into Silver Sun too.

This Melody Maker one got me into Hefner, Ten Benson and Seafood.

Magazine CDs were a great way of finding out about bands in pre-streaming days. Used to listen to them to death.

I had that Vroom! CD - just noticed that the Stereophonics gave away their debut single on it - wonder what happened to them?

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Got this in 1997 and it introduced me to a few bands that are still in my favourites today.

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Fucking yes


Sent away for this from the Melody Maker. Already knew a couple of the bands but plenty of other stuff I didn’t: Mazzy Star, Kitchens of Distinction, Pussy Galore!

NB It was also available on CD but we didn’t have a CD player.