Compilations Thread 2023 (Rolling)

Don’t think we have one of these do we? What new compilations are we all enjoying this year?

Currently listening this compilation of soul deep cuts from Miami record producer and label boss Henry Stone. Sounding great on a friday evening and funny to discover after 20 years that an old Yo La Tengo favourite is actually a cover.

Miami Soul: Soul Gems from Henry Stone Records


Really enjoying Pacific Breeze 3, the latest Light in the Attic compilation of 70s and 80s Japanese pop. Includes this solid gold banger.

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Dunno if this counts but Jon hopkins’ late night tales mix album is a fucking masterpiece.

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I’ve really been enjoying this fabric presents compilation of lesser known house music by Chaos in the CBD.

The first time almost half of the music is available digitally, from sought after vinyl to pulling from a DAT tape, compiling it was a musical expedition and fabric’s most challenging licensing project to date.

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loving this, though it’s just a comp of one guy, Polibio Mayorga, and his many pseudonyms

Are we still doing this? I hope so because this is freaking amazing:

I love a good comp!

Not much cooking on the compilation front this year though.

I’ve only saved a couple so far.