Complain about your housemates thread

Been staying at my dad’s for 3 1/2 weeks while they’ve been away, have come home and Rowdy has done fuck all housework.

Won’t even show you the bathroom he’s left it in a vile state

He works away in the week so he just doesn’t bother on Sunday and comes home expecting me to have done it all

Hate housemates, hate them. Awful beings. Some day I hope I can live alone again like I used to be able to afford to do in this country

Why do YOU hate your housemates

No posting if you live with a loved one or whatever

That’s not much washing up for 3 1/2 weeks


That sounds tough but dude that’s 3 spoons


Having become single in the past few months, I was considering living with strangers for housemates in order to save money (was living with girlfriend).

Decided to put up with paying way too much money to live in a tiny flat on my own so that I’m the only occupant to complain about. Moving in the next couple of weeks. Can’t bloody wait.

Having said that living alone is great in some respects (no queues for bathroom/kitchen appliances, laundry when you want, stay up when you want etc) it can also be debilitatingly lonely during an 18 month pandemic


Show us the bathroom. Show us the bathroom NOW!

Well, where do I begin? I…


Well anyway, currently sharing 87m2 with the TV, 2 daughters (one of them 18yo) and 5 (five) cats

Can you imagine?

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is this a person’s name? because it’s my future dog name

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There’s stuff growing on one of them and shitloads of flies in the kitchen

This morning one of my housemates did two shits in the living room whilst I was eating breakfast and another one punched me on the bollocks when I tried to stop him from pissing all over the bathroom floor.


It’s his nickname :slightly_frowning_face:

his bodyclock is opposite to mine but he doesn’t really ever try and sort it out/improve it

would possibly be great if not for the fact that we’re really good friends and I wish he would actually be available for socialising at normal times

it’s not just me who finds this frustrating - his partner and other close friends feel the same

that this is the first thing that came to mind shows that I really like living with him

Get them windows open they’ll be out in a bit

the thing that annoys me the most is people who can’t wash up

eg. you look at the drying crockery and a plate has a smear of butter on the underside or a bit of crusty food on top


this was possibly the thing that most annoyed me about my old house - not an issue in the new place


I used to live with 2 good friends but we were all having a ridiculously bad time and I think three years of just staying up all night on random weekdays even when I’d have work etc really damaged my MH long term. Couldn’t go back to that.

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Never really had any serious problems with any housemates I had, probably because I was the really bad one :flushed:

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Only ever had one housemate since leaving university, he was quite possibly the laziest man on the planet. Put up with him for 4 years because the rent was so cheap but he never did any housework and seldom left his room.

Rowdy 3 Spoons, the legend that is

She uses an absolutely incredible amount of cutlery and crockery per day but doesn’t do the dishwasher 95% of the time. Don’t care how much mess you make if you CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS, but no.

Kind of want to point out that she’s generating 75% of the washing up but that’s a dangerous road to go down that ends up with itemised food shopping bills and chalk lines drawn across the living space.


Yeah was just gonna say, if you live in a house share and you’re reading all this and thinking ‘I don’t think I have any annoying housemates’ then you my friend are the annoying housemate.