Complete this playground rhyme:

Just googled it cause I’m impatient.

These lyrics:

Boys are messy,
Sitting in a hot tub,
Drinking a Pepsi

  • I’ve heard of this playground rhyme at some point.
  • Whaaaaa?

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Nope definitely don’t remember that

Yeah it’s baffling.

I don’t think it is. It’s just odd.

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Oh wow

Yep, same “tune”.

I used to sing something different to that.

Usually it turns out that the bollocks lyrics are in fact a very clever allegory for something like the Peasant’s Revolt or something.

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Yeah the next two lines seem familiar and then after that…

but I do rather doubt it in this case. sounds like it would be NSFW

Filtered by our office system as “Games”, which whilst technically correct seems a bit overkilly.

Ok having read it now I’m starting to see where your fondness for The Mars Volta comes from.

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or bought bread from a chinese takeaway

I went to a Chinese restaurant
To buy a loaf of bread bread bread
On realising my idiocy
I went to the bakers instead


I used to go with my mate Simon to the back of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown to help him pick up ingredients his mum had ordered. Used to give us a can of coke each whilst we were waiting for them to get stuff together and offer us cigarettes (we were 13/14)

Don’t think she ever ordered any bread though

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So that’s where the writers of Spice Up Your Life got their inspiration…

but a gas leak on the premises had left everyone dead, dead, dead

I remember the bread was wrapped in a fiver, imagine how tiny that loaf must be, seems not worth the effort.