Completely fucked my stage!


Fucked it good and proper.


:confused: :expressionless::pensive:


Don’t get my results for a month. Gonna be feeling wank til I know ive failed and can retest




Did you really mess it up, or is it one of those things where you’re panicking over a few details and second-guessing some stuff, but it’s probably fine?




A month? Cima need to sort their shit out.

Sorry to hear that.




It was 5-6 months for my patent twat exams, and you can only sit them once a year. Our lot could learn a thing or too from CIMA, tbqfhm8.


bit weird


they might give you some dispensation in light of today’s apocalypse


the fuck is this? have a word with yourself champ. then get into the sandpit


6 weeks with my lot, the sweet spot between not being able to forget the exam and facing an interminable wait for the result. Was extra fun in my first job, where there was a possibility you’d get fired if you failed.


I’ll just have to pay for mine this time round (which i’m fine with) and do it in January. just the ridiculous amount of time i’ve spent revising ending up being worth nothing is pretty depressing.


Is this CIMA chief? Case Study? What level you at?


Aye. Really annoying as I blasted both mocks, got like 80% in both but the questions I got just hit the knowledge gaps I have


Thought I fucked an exam I had about three weeks ago and was telling people I think I fucked it

Got the highest mark in the year



Are you at Operational?

I wouldn’t stress to much mate, it’s a really wide syllabus and they often throw a few fringe areas in to mess people around. People obviously focus on the meaty stuff so they don’t want everyone writing the same thing…

Know everyone will give you advice but I’d say, after sitting a few (and failing one on one of those stupid fucking competencies - still wrangles), forget about it for a few days there’s literally nothing you can do about the one just gone. You probably need a relax after the past few days.

When your results come around guarantee you’ll be surprised. If you weren’t successful just brush up on those knowledge gaps, they can only ask so many questions.


Yep - operational.

And you’re right. Irritatingly someone else on my course had got questions that im pretty confident I would have passed (cash flows and cost of quality alongside a few management questions). My first one was changes in accounting estimates which really threw me as we hadn’t focused on it. Got a softball one on brand management but then there were a few other tricky ones.

I don’t think I could learn the whole syllabus tbh. There’s too much stuff in there. Ive memorised about 8 IASs in a good level of detail alongside everything else - if they’d have come up Id have been flying.


Do you study through a tuition provider? Not sure you need to be studying and memorising standards

They weight the exams btw, so if you get a ‘harder’ question set they can bump up the mark somewhat. Not to get all corporate too, but not sure you’re supposed to disclose any think about the exam :wink: