Completely pointless storage solutions/techniques

I present to you exhibit a:


Thread title delivers.


“do they fit in the jar neatly, just out of interest?”

“oh no, not at all, you’ll need to fiddle around a lot once you’ve taken one out in order to get the lid back on”

“couldn’t you just use the… never mind”


I use them also for books, DVDs etc and they work very well.

Surely this applies to all teabag, coffee and sugar storage?

Secondly, if you’re pouring your ceral or pasta into plastic (or other) containers you’ve got serious problems.


You’re going to be very disappointed in me (and with good reason)


My Dad decided a little while back that as they can’t fit the really large (6 pint) bottles of milk in their fridge easily, it would be a good idea to buy Tupperware jugs with lids and decant the milk into those, thus saving money as the larger bottles of milk are cheaper. When I went round he proudly explained all this and how it would save them £50 a year. Told him that I’d rather spend the 50 quid than have all the hassle.

Next time I visited , they’d gone back to getting the smaller bottles of milk.


Which is is, Tone, first or second? This might be a deal breaker.

They are quite an inefficient use of space, unless you are a heathen who likes to double stack books (I am) but pointless is a bit harsh mate


Looks nicer. My wife’s cotton buds annoy me. Might get some/one of those. Where from?

A little from column a a little from column b…

I think most people will decant tea, coffee and sugar into ceramic or glass pots…but it’s pointless.

How much cereal are people keeping that they have to keep it in airtight tubs? Why not just close the box or roll down the bag?

…but yeah, dried pasta. Why would anyone need to store it out of the packet or bag? Answer - because they’re yuppy Tories.


Tea/coffee/sugar being put into jars, etc is fine if they’re kept on the worktop by the kettle. A box of teabags in view doesn’t look great does it? And it stops the sugar getting damp.

No need to to do this for the other stuff, though, as you say, unless the packet is broken.

Every time i think i know you, mate, you chuck a spanner in the works.



Why? To who?

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Reminds me of this


just to be clear. when storing coffee beans use an air-tight container. if you’re buying nescafe azera you might as well decant it up your arse.

We have a lot of our dry stuff in glass jars on a shelf - rice, various lentils, pasta, oats, muesli. Reason is we buy in bulk so it DOES actually make life easier cos otherwise every time you wanted to cook rice you’d have to pour it out of a massive 10kg sack which is bullshit.

It’s nothing at all to do with the fact that we like to show off our range of whole foods in pretty containers or the fact that we happen to vote conservative.


My brother does this for everything, he thinks it makes his house look more grown up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is bollocks. Most of the bags are resealable, and foodbag clips are much more effective if not.