Completely pointless storage solutions/techniques


Reminds me of this


just to be clear. when storing coffee beans use an air-tight container. if you’re buying nescafe azera you might as well decant it up your arse.


We have a lot of our dry stuff in glass jars on a shelf - rice, various lentils, pasta, oats, muesli. Reason is we buy in bulk so it DOES actually make life easier cos otherwise every time you wanted to cook rice you’d have to pour it out of a massive 10kg sack which is bullshit.

It’s nothing at all to do with the fact that we like to show off our range of whole foods in pretty containers or the fact that we happen to vote conservative.


I don’t understand why ikea don’t make step shelf inserts as standard, you can get third party ones but they are pretty pricey


My brother does this for everything, he thinks it makes his house look more grown up :smile:


This is bollocks. Most of the bags are resealable, and foodbag clips are much more effective if not.


Storing coffee beans is pretty Tory anyway.


looks better tho innit


Just looks nicer doesn’t it, a nice jar or tin or whatever, than a cardboard box with the branding on it.


All the people saying “it looks better” for this cotton bud jar should be aware that the original packaging is adjacent to the jar at all times.


wait what


that’s far far more upsetting


Yes, that’s just pointless then (with all due respect to Mrs Antpoc)


ant just bin the original container at least. you can do this.


It’s clearly sill got cotton buds in that don’t fit in the jar!


The jar doesn’t hold the full amount of cotton buds from the container. It really is extremely pointless.


this is fully batshit.


cotton buds are also dangerous making the need to store them even more pointless


Put the cotton buds back in their real container, you could use that jar for a lovely mix of sugar, teabags, cereal and pasta.


oh wait for ears, I guess they have all sorts of other applications