Completely pointless storage solutions/techniques


not really. most come in bags which will allow oxidation.

agree with the sentiment of most of this though, keep your teabags in a cupboard in the box they came in ffs


Here is my very minor defence, our kitchen has three useable cupboards which are used for crockery etc and the products in their original packaging would fall off this bastarding shelving unit we had to get and… Who am I kidding, I’ve not got a leg to stand on here.


Only foodstuff I decant out of choice is lentils. Big bag and they get everywhere otherwise. Sugar, tea bags and coffee are decanted but that’s a battle I lost a long time ago, and shan’t be revisiting


Poor kik’s going to have a full on meltdown seeing that photo.


the cling film stands out amongst all the jarred things. have you considered a cling film dispenser?


we had a good decanting thread on here a while back.

I have never realy understood the need to put stuff in jars although I have to say @Antpocalypsenow do look better than packets if it’s not behind a cupboard door.

we do tea, sugar, coffee as I have some excellent LFC jars for them…


Please don’t say things like that to me.


ant i’m going to need you to walk me through those jars from left to right


This is actually pretty cool. My only beef would be the unecessary, profligate use of the Kilner jars on the middle shelf.


Absolutely makes sense to do it for sugar as it’s obviously more faff trying to get a teaspoon of sugar out of a big half empty kilo bag. Absolutely pointless for tea and coffee though yeah.


Back row left to right:
Riesen - The Chocolate Chew, Empty (Pasta usually), Basmati Rice, Couscous, Red Lentils, Plain Flour

Front row left to right:
Brown Rice, Risotto Rice, Stock Cubes, Polenta, Quinoa (nothing to do with me), Dunno, Israeli Couscous, Pearl Barley

Any further questions?


not really relevant here but I often wonder why more people don’t keep the blue elastic bands you get on spring onions and coriander to use for rolling up and sealing opened packets of food


also wonder why more people don’t keep empty tubs of butter and margarine etc. or empty jars


Can I just shock you Ant? I’m not very organised when it comes to storing small household items.


Where are they?




Your small household items




Nice one.