Comprehensive list of consumer goods that are routinely checked for faults by the cashier at point of sale


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Would be funny if they did this with cigarettes. Open up the packet and smoke one.

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Sex toys.

At b and q they always check things like tool boxes to make sure you’ve not hidden anything in there

At h and m they always check out my lunch box to make sure i’ve not stuffed any socks down there

Don’t think I’ve ever had my eggs checked

I can’t think of any so I won’t waste your time by posting in here.

You haven’t lived, mate.

Should do it after a hot bath or shower

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Yoghurts and creams

I got my eggs checked by a jumbo jet
It wasn’t easy
But nothing eggggggs


Take a sip out of every pint you serve… yup, that’s fine that.

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I never checked any eggs or lighters at the point of sale in all my nearly four years of working in a shop, and I’m pretty sure none of my colleagues did either

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Never bought a lighter so never knew this, what do they check? That it works? Seems dangerous

I checked every single box of eggs that passed through my till during my 4 year tenure at Safeway

Must’ve been a shit supermarket :woman_shrugging:

Just remembered somebody complained when I worked on tills at Asda because I didn’t check their eggs. Check your own bloody eggs!