Computer game emulation

never got around to getting wind waker but not sure i cba to play it again. didn’t they fix the ending in the HD version or something? maybe i should play that

I dunno. It did fix lots of stuff, but I don’t know that I enjoyed it enough to play through it again:

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The fetch quest near the end is reduced significantly. Plus the new fast sail item cuts down on the time spent milling about the ocean looking for sunken bits of treasure. Wind Waker is great and the HD version is the best version. Think it was getting a rough reception at the time of the original no matter what as people were fuming over the cartoony graphics.
The HD remake of Twilight Princess is also great and I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than the Wii version.
If Nintendo tweaked these 2 HD release and thew in Skyward Sword HD and released it on Switch I would be well up for buying them all over again.

seems like a decent possibility, not like they’re working on any actual new games. think skyward sword burnt me too much though, they’d have to get rid of that fucking annoying assistant that explains the entire game before you have a chance to try anything for yourself though.

The graphics were fine. It was the amount of saliing that did me in. All that bloody sailing and those Tingle maps.

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Jeez man you really don’t like the Switch huh :laughing:
They listened to complaints about Ww and TP so there’s hope.
I remember reading that the team that does the DS/3DS Zelda games have been working at something new since A Link Between Worlds came out so interesting to see what that’ll be.

Aye the fast sail cuts down on time altogether plus the Tingle maps aren’t as much of a thing anymore. Thank fuck!

i already sold it :smiley: nah i enjoyed botw on the whole, can’t imagine ever replaying it though. same with windwaker. i really hated the wii though, thought those zelda entries were poor and hated the controls

Thats why I really enjoyed the TP HD release. Just felt like a much better experience overall and not just a slog of tacked on motion control. A Skyward Sword HD with some issues sorted plus the advance in motion control in joycons would be very tempting. As long as they sort out those fucking Demise encounters!

It was the sailing, combined with the fact that blue sea just isn’t that inspiring or engaging an environment in which to spend so much time, compared to hills, woods, caves etc



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Got mario sunshine running last night

Looks good

Looking back at the start of this thread, I’ve been on quite the journey.


More graphics on Megadrive/PAL version compared to NTSC maybe?

I have one of those.
It’s class.
Running a good image I got off Arcadepunks. Once connected to your home broadband you can browse it via a pc and drag and drop roms/files etc so real easy to grab a copy of the save file for a game and drop it onto something else.

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