Computer/pdf question

Help me I haven’t worked properly for a while and now my brain has turned to mush.

I have a 48 page pdf. I want to save a new document with just page 45 in it. In the past I have click print then print to pdf and selected the page. This option isnt appearing for me (first time I’ve tried to do it in this computer).

Please help - no banter thanks #ssp

what program are you using to view / print the pdf

Adobe Reader

you can’t edit pdfs in that

what i do is use something like to extract the page i want


How secure is it - this is a legal contract…

dunno, but it says


alternatively see if you can open the pdf in chrome, and do the print > save as PDF from there (dunno if that’ll work)

If you can get hold of Acrobat, your life will be simple.

Not in the next five minutes I can’t…

If you open a PDF in Photoshop, it asks you which page. You could open page 45 and just save that one.

If you have PS.

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ask your legal to do it

Last time I needed to do this in a hurry I printed the document then scanned the page I wanted and saved it to pdf

Go old school - print page 45 then scan it to .pdf??

Ha! Great minds :wink:

Ok @plasticniki’s suggestion has worked, thanks! Probably dodgy as what I’ve just done but needs must.

Anyone know why I can’t just use the print to pdf option that I’m used to doing?

what program were you using print to pdf in?

Dunno? I though my from adobe? I literally haven’t done any work since mid July and I think my brain has melted :smiley:

nah i don’t think you’ve ever been able to do it from there

if you open a pdf in chrome you can do the print as pdf thing

So do I basically have to tell my IT to pay for the proper adobe package?

yep, it’s much easier that way

Thanks for your help today :+1:

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