Comrade Detective


Has anyone watched this? Look absolutely bizarre - it’s a parody of Soviet propaganda, where they’ve made an entire fake 1980s detective show, translated it into Romanian and filmed it in Bucharest with Romanian actors, then it’s been dubbed over by Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Nick Offerman, with some conceit that it’s an actual Soviet TV show that the real Channing Tatum has discovered. Basically a big budget Garth Marenghi. On Amazon now. Can’t wait to watch it.


Looks like “my kind of thing”—I will torrent it posthaste (fuck you, Bezos!)


I wonder if it’s anything like the kind of show it’s pretending to be, seems like the conceit and underlying show is just set dressing, unless they are parodying the concept of parody.


Watched the first episode and I love it. Plays it surprisingly straight with a few exceptions, it’s all so delightfully weird.

Also reminds me a lot of DiS’s very own Gritty Cop, which is a good thing.


Now halfway through this, and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m gripped, yet it’s also hilarious, AND a critique of capitalism. I have no idea how it got made but I’m so glad it did.


I was nearly going to watch this but didn’t and the amazon trial finished yesterday (I think, maybe today).


I don’t really get the joke.


I don’t think there’s really a joke you need to get, aside from how ludicrous it all is. It’s easy to watch as a really engaging cop show.


I watched the first half hour and really liked it, there are some great bits so far:

-the drugs bust: "you’ve got healthcare, education and everything you need provided for and yet you still want more? *SLAP
-murderer in Ronald Reagan mask
-the fist thing
-no crime or bad police officers in Romania


YES! It only gets better, I promise.


The Monopoly bit totally did me


“The purpose of the game is to drive your fellow man into poverty? That’s despicable.”