probably the best all-round cheese - on it’s own, in a sandwich, cheese board, with a bit of bread, maybe some crackers, bit of membrillo or pickle.

  • probably. yeah, gonna have to agree
  • nope, its not true
  • i don’t even know

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Idk what it is


Me neither.

Not sure I trust @profk on food-related stuff TBH.


Summer or winter?

no idea…but the proof is in the melting really…

so, how does it melt!?

melt is an odd word…

I hear Pete Doherty likes Comté now


Is this the bel that the baby is named after?


Comté Bed Eyes.


So it’s gruyere, right? Used to have gruyere all the time but then just stopped. Good in a toasted sandwich

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Pont L’Eveque is the best

It’s really good, would say top three but not sure I can name that many more types of cheese

Voted no but I do think Comté is a top tier cheese, just not sure that a good brie de meaux couldn’t match or occasionally edge it in those scenarios.

Different cheeses for different needs.


I’d never heard of it until I was on uni year abroad in southeast France and me and my flatmates needed some cheap cheese to grate over pasta cos Parmesan and cheddar were imported and too expensive for us. Only found out it was regarded as really good stuff when I told my sister that we’d buy a block of comté a week just to use on pasta and sauce and she was horrified.

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never heard of it sorry

Laughing Cow

Best cheese

Imagine preparing a succulent cheese board for your friends and family, money no option and it consisting of mild cheddar, edam and some wensleydale with apricot

Weirdly the Co-Op speciality comte is my #1 comte

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