Condenser Tumble Dryers

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Are they as good as vented dryers now, or are they still shite?

I’ve always steered clear from them because my nan said they were pish once in about 1994, but we’ve not got a wall vent so we have to pull our current dryer out and dangle the hose out of the window.


Can you install a wall vent? Also would the dryer be in the main part of your house or would it be in a garage or shed where it’s likely to get cold?

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In theory yes, but it’s a breeze blocked wall, so I’d have to, I guess, source some sort of circular drill and get the elbow grease out, and source a ladder as we’re four floors up and I’d need to attach the vent from outside.

I’m thinking if the condenser drier dries clothes properly, it’s probably worth paying the extra fifty quid for the machine to avoid all that?

It would be inside.

Mine’s brilliant! I love it and have no issues at all.


We’ve combined washing machine / condenser tumble dryer and it does the job within its limits (keep the load fairly low, give it plenty of time to do its job)

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Mine is great, we used it as a condenser (where we had to empty the container) in our old place and then in our new place we hooked it up to the waste outlet under the sink next to where it goes. really good stuff.

Go with a Bosch.

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I wouldn’t recommend installing one 4 storeys up. Get a condenser IMO

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Ah, okay, so you can hook them up to the pipes? Didn’t know that. That might work as it’s right next to the sink. Are they all built to be adjusted or do you have to manually alter them?

so with ours it has a condenser drawer where you have to take it out and tip it down the sink, or it has a waste hose (like a washing machine) where it permanently drains the condensed water and bypasses the drawer. So yeah it’s a good solution if you have a waste outlet nearby.

It’s relatively basic to hook it up or probably £50 for a plumber to pop around and do it, especially if you need to cut through cabinets and things. Think i needed to use a jubilee clip to get it to attach securely, but definitely DIY’able

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This is mine: SMART PRO CSO C9TG-80 | DRYERS | Candy

A full load of towels is dry in 1hr 45. I empty the container after every four or five uses.

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They are pretty hit and miss and reliability is an issue. Just got a new one after trying to fix the old one (which lasted about 7 years and was pretty good).
Some just aren’t very good at the dry cycle or dry your clothes that they come out all creased and wrapped up.
I was debating getting an expensive one, but instead opted for some cheap Beko option which so far has been really good.
Oh edit that, mine is a WASHER DRYER combo job not a stand alone one

Condenser Tumble Dryers

Old Blue Last, NUS, etc, etc…

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Yeah, we’ve got a combi - a John Lewis one (rebranded Zanussi AFAICT) and it’s great. Just plumbed it in like a normal washer, dryer drains out the same pipe as the washer. Occasionally big loads come out a little bit damp, but you can run it for another couple of minutes and it’s fine. Definitely beats having a damp house all winter.

(just steer clear of Hotpoint/Whirlpool/Indesit ones, but that applies to all white goods)

Our old AEG combi was amazing at drying. No shrinkage, quick drying etc.

This Samsung we bought recently is as uninspiring as the first combi I had in a share house 20 years ago (Hotpoint maybe) so I reckon definitely worth paying for a Which? sub to confirm which of your choices has the good reviews.

Love our condenser and you can use the water to water your plants