Condiments 🍴


What are your go to condiments/ones you’ve recently got into? And ones you really hate

I was in a gift shop the other day and picked up massive jar of chilli jam, but someone had opened it and there was loads of jam down the back of the jar. I am a terrible person and just licked off my hand and thought it tasted great, but it cost 12 quid so I put it back quickly. Found some in my local supermarket for about 1.50 and it’s my new favourite thing :star_struck: I use it as a dip or stir it into stews and stir fries.
Another excellent find is mustard and dill, the same one used in gravlax salmon which used to be one of my favourite things to eat before ditching meat. If you have it with potatoes and lots of lemon its almost the same :ok_hand:t5:

Bbq sauce is still disgusting, there was a pub near my house at uni that made their own which was nice, but that’s because it didn’t taste like the filthy Heinz one :nauseated_face:


I enjoy to have ketchup, brown sauce, BBQ sauce, garlic sauce and burger sauce depending on the thing I’m eating it with.


Sweet chilli
Some kind of hot sauce
SRIRACHI MAYO [this is vegan!!]
English and wholegrain mustards


I’ve been enjoying making my own sauces lately. Made a cracking Ale, Caramelized Onion & Chocolate Habanero Ketchup t’other day.


Would smash this



In fact I’m slathering the sriracha mayo on literally everything recently


BBQ sauce is the universal condiment.

Been enjoying Nando’s perinaise as a chip and pizza crust condiment, too.


Your posting is great today!


Gah, misread the title, sorry.


Got round to trying this and while it is a decent options for vegans I suppose it is also 100% NOT as good as sriracha mixed with actual mayo


@marsbarbarbar got me into this:


Go through phases of eating sweet chilli sauce with everything. Then getting sick of it and not touching it for months, currently in an overeating phase




Bought myself a bottle yesterday. Had it with lasagne. No regrets.


“meat lust”


Eating with meat not obligatory


You ever had that Oxford sauce, leafs?

I have. It’s like brown sauce, but shit. I also lived next door to where they make it, off Magdalene Road.


Never heard of it m9


hey scottish people, when edinburghians talk about sauce
what kind of sauce is that