Confederate (new "wot if the south won" tv show by the game of thrones guys)


ohhh shit…:grimacing:

don’t know how to feel about this considering they haven’t put out the first episode yet. wary of preemptively judging art. but then i’m not black. i’m not one of the privileged white people, but i’m also not black.

quite the hot potato.



i tried watching the man in high castle, but binned it after two episodes.

after the initial “ooh that’s weird!” novelty of the setting wears off, it’s pretty boring


this is such a catastrophically bad idea, how has no one had a word before it got this far


i tend to agree with that argument about alternative timelines with nazis and modern slave owners being moot when we already live in a dystopian version of the present. black people get blown away by cops for being black and having nice things at a huge rate, genocide still exists alongside ipods and pepe memes, women, homosexuals, transgender people are all at constant risk of violence and discrimination…


Dunno, seems like it could be a good thing if shows how terrible it would be and also holds up a mirror to actual society


this article is decent but was also the first i heard of it


I imagine HBO’s response was ‘Look, you’re all going to bloody watch it anyway’


if they had any balls they’d have a flashback showing how the russian revolution served as an inspiration to the slaves and there began a bolshevik uprising in missisipah, aided by russian revolutionaries who smuggled themselves into the country, culminating in a heavily defended socialist republic enclave in the heart of the south, funded by a still-intact ussr, where black people are free and living in communist utopia.

that would probably be enough to get it cancelled though. sick world.


so true:

maybe they’d call themselves something scary-sounding like…the black…tigers? lions? panthers! yeah they call themselves the black panthers!


While it doesn’t sound like a great idea, every link in this thread is just people getting angry at what they think it’s going to be about (haven’t clicked any of them, game of thrones is shit)


Two more interesting alt-history takes on the South:




Don’t really agree with their argument that nazi victory alternative timelines are fine because they are universally recognised as bad, where as because problems with racism in society are still so prevalent this should be a no go area, they don’t really explain why. Seems to me that if the premise is handled well it could be a good be very educational, and could help counter racist attitudes, depends entirely on how it’s made


sounds like a good idea tbh, can’t see how it’d go wrong


Like if it presented the alternative history as a safely partitioned ‘great we avoided this nightmare timeline’ fair enough, that would be bad considering the problems that persist, but if far more likely they use the premise to explore the roots of today’s problems and draw parallels to how things actually are then I think that would be quite good


yeah, although you just know there’s going to be a don draper-type slave owner. glamorously conflicted, drinks, smokes, fucks, an essentially good guy who is a product of his environment, stuck in a bad situation, look how complex people are, type bullshit.


what is full bonkers is how difficult it would be to ignore how ‘real’ the undercurrent still is when it comes to north south. i remember a huge row with my friend and an Arlington cemetery security guard. she was talking about POW camps the yankees set up and he ran up and yelled - semi screamed - that she was ‘talking shit’ etc etc . yankee/south rage still runs hot. what total bellend signed off on this?


Also, the programme was very boring.