Confess your shame in this thread


i’ve just become a kindle wanker :frowning2:



been doing some yoga recently


Read this thread.




I feel really guilty for being blown away by the new Nick Cave album, and catching myself sort of ‘enjoying’ it, for want of a better word.


Did a poo out of my bumhole earlier today and also pissed out of my dick




Listened to two kings of convenience albums yesterday :cloud_rain:


I think I like musical comedy. the lowest form of wit, and the lowest form of music.


At the same time? What a party.


good LORD


I’ve become an anti-smartphone cunt


Not, Mitch Benn please.


Well that’s a bit better. In the same way that falling out of a 9th floor window is better than falling out of the 10th floor.


I’m unfamiliar with him I’m afraid


I’ve been trying to trick myself into thinking it’s not so bad

but I it is


If what you’re enjoying about Musical Comedy is how smug, obvious and unfunny much of it is then you should seek out Mitch Benn immediately.


smug, obvious AND funny? sounds like he’s got it all.


I called my brother a cunt and my mum heard me


imagine doing a poo out of your dick IMAGINE