Confession Time



Come on bring your friends.

I have done some ‘adult’ colouring in and I enjoyed it.


was it a bit blue?


Some pink, some brown.


All the colours of the rainbow, thewarn.


bit of blue for the dads. Gotcha.


I have absolutely no problem with the term “date night”


I find it quite hot when adult women wear those hats with animal ears


Football mascots?


yes they do look very cosy



This is a little reminiscent of The Quiz


yeah who gives a shit


I also admit to doing some with my niece and getting a bit into it, she ruined my colour scheme though


Exactly. Fine as a term, fine as a concept.


Sometimes I just add seasoning to my cooking to make me feel like I’m making some kind of creative contribution to the dish. I don’t really know what I’m doing to the flavour.


Yeah, can’t do it when the boy is about as he will destroy mine. You don’t see me scribbling all over Captain America’s face when he’s doing his, do you?


Probably not although I couldn’t be 100% confident in saying so.