Confessions: Music Edition

In a spirit of fun and self-discovery. . .

What are your confessions, related to music? It could be guilty pleasures. It could be changing tastes. It could be “I don’t get it”. Whatever.

I’ll start:

I realized this morning that thanks to the hardcore, punk, emo, etc that I have been playing the last few months, the Grateful Dead that I just put on is super boring to me. That’s a bit of a shock, as I consider myself something of an amateur deadhead.

now that i’m openly admitting to liking coheed and cambria i guess there’s not much left for me in the guilty pleasures department.

loads of beloved bands i don’t get or simply don’t like though, pretty sure i really don’t like talking heads. sorry everyone.


I have a sneaking love for Sports by Huey Lewis & the News. It’s just that super crisp 80s production where you can pick every instrument out of the mix an-

(alright there Patrick Bateman)


I started to say “Poor Huey”, as AMERICAN PSYCHO is all he’s remembered for. But then I realized, it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to his career. Whole new generations have heard of him and might buy his music because of the film.


Rollng Stones made some great singles but must of it is quite dull and Selena Gomez is the best pop artist since Madonna

I don’t think I like St. Vincent.


I bought the first R*zorlite album and I paid money to see the Kaiser Chiefs.

We were all young once, right?


I can’t fucking stand Sonic Youth

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Haha but I love Tim and Eric

I think mine all fit into the ‘boring old bloke’ category:

  • I really like watching the old TOTP on BBC4, even though 95% of the music is terrible & most of the presenters are really weird. Although I think I like more of the music now then I did when I was 11 and watching them first time round.

  • I even quite like the new TOTP they have at Christmas and the presenters are way better and (seemingly) less dodgy.

  • I like pop chart and sales facts. This is a terrible confession, I think I’m turning into Paul Gambaccini.

Think I’ll stop there.


When I was a kid I got into Four by Blues Traveller very heavily for a short period of time. They tricked me with the Run Around video into thinking the band had two lead singers - a small man and a large man (note: it’s safe to assume the video was not designed to trick anyone and I was just a strange fool). When listening to Four I’d obsessively try to figure out which singer sang which parts - for some reason still unknown to me, I had assumed the large man was a very angry person and therefore responsible for the more aggressive vocal takes throughout the album. I believed this for a good year.


I also thought grunge was called grudge in sixth grade. No one ever corrected me.


Was surprised to note Fore! doesn’t include the Power of Love as I was sure it was on the cassette version my mate played over and over back in the day. Then saw that in the UK it did have that track on it.

Anyway, Fore! along with (yes) Hot Space! by Queen are two similar albums I am a fan of despite not really actually liking either band that much or even being remotely willing to defend these albums.

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No, me neither. I tried her album and it just left me very cold.

HOWEVER, when 6Music would play a track by her it always sounds quite good so I guess maybe she works in the context of a general Indie-Schmindie playlist?

Amazing I got to the age of 11 without ever having noted Chevy Chase in anything. As such the joke of the Call Me Al video was pretty lost on me:

I was pretty sad when I realised Paul Simon wasn’t Chevy Chase.


Ha, in a similar matter, Touched by the Hand of God was the first New Order video I saw. It gave me a…somewhat incorrect… notion of what the band were like:


I listened to her first record and I liked the first track and thought the rest of it had some good ideas, it just wasn’t very cohesive

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When peer pressured I have been known to dance enthusiastically and unironically to awful chart bollocks

I just loved Toyah Wilcox when I was a teenager back in '79. ‘Victims of the Riddle’, ah the memories … then she went all pop and downhill after her debut, Sheep Farming in Barnet … and an appearance on Trevor Eve’s ‘Shoestring’ really put paid to the burning love. (I really shouldn’t be telling strangers all this …)