Confidential Shredding (poll)

Just emptied a bagful (tesco bag for life 10p size) of mine and other family members’ confidential papers in the work confidential shredding bin, is this

  • piss-take
  • not a piss-take

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piss take, but also fine.



do they get charged by the kilo d’you reckon? or number of times they have to come and empty it? how?

I sort of think if criminals are willing to do something as gross and boring as searching through my rubbish for old bills and bank statements they kinda deserve the information.

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ooh you’ve just given me a great idea, could roll confidential papers into my kid’s pooey nappies in future!

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I think the normal protocol is just giving them new ones but hey it’s your kid

OR make confidential origami nappies. Save yourself a fortune!

Confidential Shredding are a tape-only noise band from Manor House.

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Had to do it a lot recently. Yeah fuck it, it’s a work perk, surely?

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Doesn’t even rhym- oh wait.

It’s good when you’re on your notice period in a job and you can start binning literally every bit of work paperwork you have in those bins.