Confronting teenage behaviour in public


I think most people will encounter situations when teenage kids are acting awfully in public. It definitely seems to happen pretty regularly to me and people I’ve spoken to about it. This always seems to be the worst on public transport or places like the cinema.

Last night I saw one of the most shocking examples in my life. Two young white boys, about 12 and 15, spat on an Asian man at Canada Water station. In the moments when I was processing what I’d seen and working out what I could do about it, they ran down the length of the platform and got on the tube at the back. I thought that was the end of it, but at Canary Wharf they ran down to our carriage and spat on this guy again through the closing doors then gurned at him through the glass. I think I’m the only person who properly noticed what was happening.

I feel like I should have chased them down, but I don’t know what I would have done? My gut feeling was that they deserved a smack, but obviously that wasn’t the solution. Telling them off feels a bit redundant too, it’s hard for me to not assume that behaviour that appalling wasn’t influenced by the parents at some stage.

How have you reacted in similar circumstances?


Just headbutt them


Used to be wary of doing this. Now I don’t mind saying something loudly - dickhead kids were dropping all their McDonald’s wrappers on the floor of the tube at rush hour. Told them to pick it up, got into an argument. But they still picked them up in the end. Xylowon


That’s not teenage behaviour; that’s a hate crime.


Also maybe a smack IS the solution. Look at me I’m a revolutionary communist all of a sudden


You’re asking what I, the awkward dweeb with the physique of a malnourished hobbit, would do?

I’d do nothing and then I’d feel terrible. :zipper_mouth: :slight_frown:


Comfort/make sure the victim is OK is always step 1

Step 2 really depends on whether I think an intervention is likely gonna make things worse or better


You’re right of course, but at that age I’d say the kids aren’t quite fully aware of their actions to label it so strongly. Not that they shouldn’t be and that someone shouldn’t tell them.


Actually film it and upload it to youtube, monetise it and get some serious numbers.

They’ll get kangaroo courted and a harsher sentence because it’s in the public eye and you get a few quid. Win win


Oh obviously you shouldn’t punch kids. 16+ is fine though: if anything punch first and check their age later though or you might miss the chance


Nowt wrong with punching racist kids, might stop them turning into racist adults


a cheeky pinch of the cheek, check their ID, then smash their teeth out

Got it.

Xylo edited his typo so this doesn’y make sense now.


Reading this in a zoidberg voice is brightening my day no end




Obviously I TOTALLY agree and commend you, but this still reads like a grumpy old man :smiley:


I’d do absolutely nothing except tell myself i’m still a good person for noticing it and not liking it.

Might RT something about trump when i get reception.


I knew from a pretty young age that spitting at people wasn’t ok, and certainly what racism was.


12 and 15 is above the age of criminal responsibility. It’s not really my call to decide what happens to them, but yeah, I would have probably called the police.


i’d be weary of engaging any teenagers because i can imagine getting easily provoked into hitting them. then you’re really in the shit whatever happens.


I thought about it, but the guy who got spat on showed very little reaction. I wouldn’t want to drag him in to something like that if he perhaps just wanted to be left alone.