Confronting teenage behaviour in public


you should always go ask the person being assaulted/abused/harassed if they’re ok and if they want you to do anything - walk with them, call the cops etc.




There would be no harm in checking he was okay and asking if there was anything you could do - whether he wanted you to report it etc.

There’d have been CCTV all over the place at the stations and the carriage of the train, so there’d have been a good chance of being able to hopefully identify the little shits.


I get mad irked about kids dropping litter, like all the time. my heart swelled a bit with xylo’s moral victory, here.


yeah saw something like this the other day. these 12-14 y/o kids were being loud twats on the bus but then threw this big heavy catalogue thing that hit a woman in the back of the head. pretty much before she could even turn around to even be like ‘wtf’ they got in her face like YEAH WHAT YOU GONNA DO IT ABOUT IT THO BITCH. this woman just sat there dumbfounded and obviously nobody did anything just sat there being useless twats til they got off the bus.


Where abouts did the spit land on him?


people are such cowards, honestly


Do something.

You’d be pretty unlucky to get stabbed


Bit harsh on Eric :grinning:


“I will not fight you, my youthful adversary, but instead I challenge you to a ‘crimp-off’. I stake my honour on being able to hang from this narrow ledge for longer than you.”


Thought from the context this was going to be who can leave the biggest depth charge in a toilet.


but you don’t even need to engage with the perpetrators just at least acknowledge what has happened and check in with the victim ffs


You’re just passing the problem further down the line. That’s not going to stop them doing it again


You play to your strengths, I’ll play to mine


it might make the experience slightly less horrible for the people involved though?


I’m not going to beat @sadpunk in a crimp-off, he’s got an incredible record!


oh people definitely checked she was ok and she seemed fine just a bit taken aback by it, but nobody was about to say anything to the kids, myself included.


m8, they were about 16 and dropping big mac boxes with the lettace and sauce still in, open, onto the floor.

surely even some kids would be offended by that


Even though I’m generally feeble/cowardly in most aspects of my life, when people have crossed the line with stuff like this I do confront them, normally ends with getting a punch in the face but I prefer that to letting them think they can intimidate people, I’m definitely gonna get stabbed one day


When i’ve stepped in in the past people have said thanks. When my missus smacked a guy racially abusing a bus driver he stopped the bus when we got off and came off the bus to say thank you.
You’d hope we’d live in a society where the perpetrators are confronted and someone looks after the victim