Confronting teenage behaviour in public

Bit harsh on Eric :grinning:

“I will not fight you, my youthful adversary, but instead I challenge you to a ‘crimp-off’. I stake my honour on being able to hang from this narrow ledge for longer than you.”


Thought from the context this was going to be who can leave the biggest depth charge in a toilet.


You’re just passing the problem further down the line. That’s not going to stop them doing it again

You play to your strengths, I’ll play to mine

I’m not going to beat @sadpunk in a crimp-off, he’s got an incredible record!


oh people definitely checked she was ok and she seemed fine just a bit taken aback by it, but nobody was about to say anything to the kids, myself included.

Even though I’m generally feeble/cowardly in most aspects of my life, when people have crossed the line with stuff like this I do confront them, normally ends with getting a punch in the face but I prefer that to letting them think they can intimidate people, I’m definitely gonna get stabbed one day

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When i’ve stepped in in the past people have said thanks. When my missus smacked a guy racially abusing a bus driver he stopped the bus when we got off and came off the bus to say thank you.
You’d hope we’d live in a society where the perpetrators are confronted and someone looks after the victim

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[quote=“xylo, post:41, topic:13312, full:true”]
no offence here, in my anecdotal experience the whole ‘yeah you need to fight them though’ people are usually the ones getting as far away from a situation as possible should the actual event arise. [/quote]

“No offence but you pussy out :grinning:

I don’t but i can see why you’d think that about someone mouthing off on the internet

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Having been the victim of racially motivated physical assault in a bar (on my way back from loos so mates weren’t around), i can tell you the most terrifying thing was that people looked and did nothing.

I think one person asked if i was okay after, but i’d have rather have seen a few people step in confront the person at the time.

when it’s adults, there’s no question especially if it actually gets physical. i’ve jumped in the middle of fights before, when it kicks off like that it’s not even a choice, it’s just like an automatic reaction. but when it’s like some fucking idiot 12 year olds kicking off, is there any point in confronting them?

I totally agree, I’ve always hated littering, and I’m in full support. I’m more just talking about your tone making you sound curmudgeonly!

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A smack habit would numb you to outrage at this sort of thing.


Yeah it does, i was a proper little shit and got a smack off a a stranger when i was 14 and it made me not do it again

not everyone is comfortable with confrontation. I might be and would step in, but honestly even if it’s checking in with the victim that’s doing something positive.

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nah, if it gets serious enough they’ll switch off the engine and call the police but they wont get involved in scuffles or whatever. it shouldn’t really be down to them to sort people out anyway.

I have pussied out on many occasion but if you smack a 15 year old kid and cause some damage it doesn’t matter what the situation was before hand (even if you can prove it which is unlikely) your not going to look gd. Also if you turn up halfway through an exchange you are never 100% sure who the instigator is.

That’s fair enough. But when it’s busy public transport someone should do something

We’re talking about spitting at someone because of their race and you’d have to be pretty stupid to get nicked in this situation