Confusing avatars


Couple of things from me to start with:

  1. Like others have pointed out, I confused @DarwinBabe 's avatar with @Songs_about_ducking 's avatar.
  2. I thought that the person in @TKC 's avatar was Joey from Friends. It’s not.

The official Article 50 - you are now triggered - thread

colon closed bracket and sketches




Theo and Geoff (used to confuse Theo’s for a notification at the start)


It’s clearly Steve Macdonald


Our educated, analytical and measured responses mean’t we were confused with each other on the old boards, tbf.



Great character tbf





is Andy McDonalds still in it?


How are you doing?


Me and @moker


Nah he hasnt been for ages. he made a cameo about 3 or 4 years ago but nah. they mainly mention him when one of the McDonalds is written out for a bit they say they’ve gone to see him cause he owns a bar in Spain


True dat


if anyone has any more Corrie questions, feel free to ask


I really want that Steve Macdonald skirt.




heard the next one’s gonna be under water