Congratulations! You’ve won a city break!

You fly out at 10am on Thursday and will leave your chosen destination at 9pm on Sunday evening.

Where would you like to go?

(Let’s imagine that Coronavirus is very much a thing here in the UK but it’s a magic plane that meant you’re ridded of any infection and it’s not a thing where you’re going. Business as usual there.)

Maybe Barcelona for me. Was a toss up between Valencia for a nice chilled break or Berlin for having it large. Barcelona seems like a good compromise.

Go to my favourite pubs and see my mates

Mars City, Mars

Sorry mate, there’s a lockdown here.

So your magic plane doesn’t work. Fraud


Amsterdam, cos the friends I’m closest to who are out of the uk but aren’t on the other side of the planet are there

Well that’s me off to Barcelona for the Primavera Music Festival 2020


I’m not going to the fucking airport for 10am. And no way am I trying to change trains in Croydon on a Sunday evening either. I’m staying at home and having a lie in.

[not a reply to safebruv. Stupid internet]

Welcome back calais!!



I’d want to do the outdoorsy stuff rather than city centre stuff.

Was that meant to be this weekend?

Next weekend I think?

I’d love to visit the big apple. Yes, India has always been on my bucket list.

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the real city break was the friends we made along the way


San Sebastian


The city of hard knocks


A Coruña

Budapest. They have a fountain that shoots water into the air, in time with music. What more could you want in a city?