Connecting a television to an aerial


Can anyone tell me what I need to buy to allow me to connect this bit of the aerial cable to my television?

I know they’re terrible photographs.

Appropriate Ebay or Amazon links are heartily encouraged.


Think this should do it






Looks like maybe it’s missing the connector to me.

Are you sure that’s an aerial and not a satellite link?

Should have a round pin in the middle about 2mm diameter or else the end should perfectly match the socket on your TV.


yeah i think its a satellite link


That second photo in particular is a thing of beauty


It’ll open up a whole new world when you do.


the definitely screws into the back of sky/freesat box

have you got a dish on your house/flat?


@1101010 @andyvine

Does that mean it’s the wrong wire completely? There isn’t an aerial cable that I can see.

I’m going to have to get someone in, aren’t I?


think so :frowning: i just had one of these at my old house, ended up getting an old fashioned aerial, like the rabbit ears on top of the simpsons telly. pure shite, dont do that


Despite having an aerial on our roof there was no aerial socket in our lounge. Fortunately I had organised Virgin to be installed prior to us moving in and (at least three years ago) they were the only suppliers that you didn’t need an aerial for.

How come we haven’t had any ‘what do you need to watch live TV for grandad’ posts yet?