Conor Oberst / Bright Eyes (rolling thread)

The band insta has posted pictures of Lily from Penelope Isles giving Conor a tattoo :smiley::face_with_peeking_eye:


Its actually a good tat as well!


“It’s a little dog”
“it’s a lil ol’ girl dog!”

My copy of Digital Ash arrived for the long weekend, oh yeah!


Companion EPs for IWAIM and Digital Ash out on Friday, almost forgot I’d preordered the records, looking forward to hearing them!

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the digital ash companion is really good, the other ones seem forced, lets do this one on marimba lets do a harp version, whereas I guess more organic versions of digital ash make more sense.

also, sounds like it was recorded back in the day. like the hit the switch vocals sound so close to the original (they aren’t as some words added), and the general ambience just feels the same as the original, the duet vocals seem a bit superimposed. might be imagining it

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Nice to have a version of Ship in the Bottle that doesn’t have that wee one wailing all over it!

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Not sure I’ve listened to any of these companion EPs before. Getting through the Lifted one now and struggling to see the point, really.

‘Songs you know and love – but worse!’

*Just got round to the IWAIM/Digital Ash ones and tbf for the most part they’re a lot better


Yeah only listened to Lifted and it’s not great, but I’m waiting til my vinyl comes to listen to the others

you’d think after 41 years i’d be used to the spin

is a nice touch, like how this song ages with me (was 22 when the saddle creek 50 ‘one foot in front of the other’ version came out)


listening to the big picture companion, convinced those vocals must have been from the lifted sessions, are these companions basically remixes

Has anyone had their Secretly Store preorders yet?

So are these companion EPs online exclusives or something? Tried Spillers and HMV in Cardiff today but shit out of luck in both. They’re not even showing up on the HMV website.

I wonder if there was maybe an issue with the pressing, as my preorders haven’t shown up yet (got the whole set)