Conor Oberst - Ruminations



Been listening to this a fair bit since it’s been streaming on NPR - any thoughts?

I really love it. The kind of album I’ve wanted him to make since his first solo, post-Bright Eyes record. Barbary Coast in particular is just perfect.


It’s alright


I listened earlier and kind of forgot that it was on. It wasn’t the most exciting record. I love his solo stuff and Bright Eyes so hopefully it’ll improve after some more listens.


Yes, I love me a bit of stripped back Conor so really digging it. On 3rd listen now, keeps getting better.

Enjoying Barbary Coast of St. Dymphna most so far.

As I said in the other thread he does recycle a few melodies (as always) like St. Dymphna’s verses remind me of Won’t Ever Be Happy Again.


Not a fan or the harmonica, in general and on this album


Yes! There are definitely a few chord changes and stuff where it’s like - ooh, that really reminds me of another song. I guess there are only so many ways of doing things. His catalogue must be hundreds of songs by now.


It is a little bit early Dylan, but it sort of grew on me.


Yeah the first track reminds me of something but I’m not sure what. He’s always done it to a certain extent, I remember a Cassadaga review talking about the sort of up and down melody he uses. It doesn’t bother me, I guess it’s easier to spot when it’s a raw record.


As a great man may have said in the other thread about it


Bollocks, didn’t realise there was already a thread. I searched and everything!


Gossamer Thin in particular’s been in my head for days mind, good one that.


Loving this now, listened to it loads since Friday.

Good review here that looks ta how it sits with the rest of his discography.


Yes, I added it to my Spotify playlist last week and have enjoyed what I’ve heard.