Conor Oberst - Salutations (new album)


Ooo, thanks for this


these are decent

imagine this singing as you listen


People’s Key is underrated imo.


Very much so.


saw him live once and he said as much, ahead of its time, people dont understand it yet


Yeah I love People’s Key, I played it so much when it came out and for a time that and Digital Ash were the Bright Eyes albums I listened to most. That looping guitar on Firewall, the drums on Jejune Stars, the sci-fi/new age lyrics, love it all.


Genre: indie, sci-fi, rastafarian.


One Love!

The lyrical path of the last three albums is interesting; Digital Ash is the drugs n death record, Cassadega the getting clean/recovery record and People’s Key the new age/hippy/rasta/rebirth record.


Pomegranate defining.


ever checked out that guy’s solo project


Let’s Not Shit Ourselves is one of my favourite songs to listen to when in a fast moving vehicle of some kind.


Digital Ash is the best BE album. Its the one I return to most. He was a trouble soul around that time (peaking at that Glastonbury performance) but it probably made for better art.


Fevers and mirrors > lifted > letting off the happiness > digital ash = wide awake > the people’s key > cassadaga > collection of songs


Lifted > Wide Awake > People’s Key > Fevers and Mirrors > Digital Ash > Cassadaga > LOTH > Collection of songs


only listing position I feel strongly about is Cassadaga is definitely the second worst and LOTH is better


cassadaga has good songs but just kinda ruined by overproduction.

LOTH has good songs but just kinda ruined by being an unlistenable mess


I prefer my bright eyes to be an unlistenable mess (not to the extent that id rate collection of songs)


Feel overproduction has nixed a few of his solo Lps too tbf. It’s why I love ruminations so much more than salutations. Basically just want it as gritty/raw as poss without any production sheen.


Ruminations is just a better record tbh. Salutations is just too much of everything. I do really like Upside Down Mountain though, the production doesn’t bother me on that.


They’re the same set of songs plus extras in salutations case. It’s the solo stripped down versus full band and studio gloss that’s the big difference. Took ages to get into upside down mountain as it seemed really slick or something. Debut lp and the mvb ones weren’t like that for me.