Conquer Club - Where colonisation is fun!

Come play!

Password: dis

let us fight for the British Isles

@shrewbie i remember you playing this back in the day? I think?

Oh yeah I used to play this

So did atbay and alley and dood but none of them exist anymore sadly

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dood was a proto Q Anon wasn’t he?

Always wondered what happened to Alley

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just joined
website hasn’t changed since i last played 10 years ago

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can i have some further instructions please?

It’s like Risk! Have you played Risk?

no but I’d love to (for a minute)

Oo might have a look at this, can’t do it tonight but this sounds like a laff

You get 24 hours to take a turn so it’s not something that needs to be done on a particular night. So sign up when you can and then there’s no rush

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I’ve joined, is it limited to like 4 players? I feel rude for taking someone else’s spot if they’re liable to be more into it, man, you know? Like a RISK MACHINE.

Really no idea why that post turned into a James Brown thing


Nah man go for it, we don’t seem to be inundated with players anyway!

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this website is very

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If there’s still space may I declare myself IN?

Of course!

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In the words of Boris from Goldeneye, I’m in

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@wikihock to start

what exciting times

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Also thank you for not setting a round limit, I tried a bot game last night and I had conquered a ridiculous amount of territory with fewer units than any of the bots and I fucking LOST because it hit the limit. Fuming.

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(attacked from Munster to South Leinster and lost two units)

@Joke2000 You’re up, sorry about Devon

it’s @anon19035908 you should be apologising

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