Conquer Club - Where colonisation is fun!

They’ll benefit from my benevolent rule!

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fuck me i’ve had a shocker. dice club will be hearing about this

OOFT. Making a play for the southwest already!

Who’s what colour, then? I’ve got it up on my phone, and it’s very minimal in its layout.

Is it me in peaceful blue, GFS in vibrant yellow, Joke in aggressive red, shrewbie in environmental green?

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yep. If you click ‘colour codes’ it puts y, g, r, b in front of the numbers which I find makes it a lot easier to differentiate.

I’m establishing fortress Cornwall, just want the beach to myself tbh

this is fun!

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Just been looking at your move and I can’t figure out what you’ve done! Love a good bit of plotting and planning

Just read the log and figured it out, forgot I’d had strathclyde previously, whups

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shrewbie reckons he’s king in the north


delighted to say I’ve conquered northern portugal in another game

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Loving my time down in the South West rn

Is it possible to see what people have done in their turns? Object permanence isn’t my strong suit (nor is risk, tbf, but here we are)

Only what’s in the log, i think

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The log is pretty helpful

I’m learning so much about Scotland here


also according to my profile I played 105 games of this!!! seems like a lot, in my memory I played about ten times. my record is extremely bad. last game was in 2011 though

it’s the dawning of a new era


GFS is fucking shit up rn


i couldn’t get to wales to break it and he’s too strong in the south west. i trust either of you will handle it. OR IT’S GAME OVER

edit: paraphrased because it doesn’t make much sense out of context

Dunno, my next move is a bit of a pickle!