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can’t tell if FL is being strategic or just hates you

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this is the worst i’ve ever felt about killing someone, i’m truly sorry

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Strategic, I love Joke


I can’t pretend it is a good strategy though. I have no idea. Pretty sure I fucked it. Shrewbie sure does have a lot of troops now. Oh no what have I done.

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new 6er, flat rate


new 4er, flat rate, fog of war


In like a bin

That’s not a thing is it?

Anyway, I’m up for the 6er

i don’t mind skipping one or both but will join tomorrow if there’s a space

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I wanted to forfeit but couldn’t find how.

I’m out of all games now

you still have a chance and are doing really well considering it’s like your 3rd game ever
me and jook have both played loads before


Too much strain for me, going to be my last game for the moment


You’re still in a definite position to kick some butt in Italy!

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You have an exceptional chance to eat Shrewbie’s territory here!

Note pls eat Shrewbie or I think Shrewbie might eat me

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tables have well and truly turned here, and I don’t like it one bit

also got unlucky / fucked it in my civil war game so am now just waiting for the americans to log on and kill me

By happenstance I am also playing against some Americans in a Civil War game - that map is weird as, I’m not sure I like the implementation of the boats? I got absolutely destroyed in an Iberian Peninsula game last night too by a bunch of really experienced players, felt pretty humbling.

it’s a really chaotic map, so many different types of bonuses that are hard to hold

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@trumpet @frenchtoast @tilty @anyoneelse in for one of these?

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I tried it on my phone but because there’s no dedicated mobile site or app it just annoyed me so i’m oot i’m afraid.

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I tried so hard to eat Shrewbie, but fuck I had some awful rolls which ate away at my spoils troops far faster than I’d hoped

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