Considering any fashion experiments atm?

Would like to experiment with a bolo tie but don’t think I’ve got the hutzpah to pull it off

Also would like to experiment with dungarees but I reckon I’m too short to pull it off

I went with dungas last year and I’m loving them - you’ll pull em off

Been craving some white jeans for a while - nowhere sells white Levi’s in mens sizes though

Gusss I should look online. I’m going to own the look entirely this summer

Slim fit, rolled up a bit, converse all stars . Classic

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Buy me dinner first


Propeller hat.

Ombre hair in an unnatural colour eg pink or purple, like this:

Seems little point at the moment as I barely leave the house


I too would like a bolo tie, maybe even a celtic knot kind of one. Also could not pull it off though.

The one Jujubee has in the talking head bits of drag race is so good I just want that one specifically I think

Tie the knot a bit looser.

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Is a tattoo a fashion experiment?

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Might shave my back hair

Might dreadlock mine.

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No, never. Been wearing the same style of clothes since I was thirteen and I’m not changing now.


Vintage shops tend to have a disproportionate amount of white Levis although they tend to be in quite weird sizes.

Full football kit with dress shoes

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bought a yellow jacket so I can look like this guy


I want a pair of Dickies dungarees SO badly. Wife thinks they only suit y’all men.

I ordered one of those American work shirts I’ve wanted for ages so looking forward to it arriving and not pulling it off.

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That should have said TALL men but I’m leaving it. Weird autocorrect.

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gonna start shopping in west london vintage boutiques i think