Considering starting to teach drums


Any form of advice and/or encouragement and/or help would be massively appreciated.

I want to start teaching drums again. I haven’t had any students since moving to London last February, but now that I am settled in a nice home I feel like I want to get started again. I’ve been playing for 21 years, and have experience in teaching students of various ages and capabilities.

If you’re a music teacher in London - do you have any tips for finding students? I’m based in Brixton and happy to travel to teach at people’s houses, and equally as happy to have students come to my house or to teach over skype.

If you want to learn or know someone that does then I’m happy to give a half price lesson.

Thanks so much,

Good luck with this Mike.

I had 2 really good teachers once.

First one just took me right through a rudiments/exercises book getting more advanced each week.

Second one just asked me “what kind of music” I was into that day and would come up with exercises and patterns off the top of his head based purely on that, which was great fun.

Both good approaches.

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