Conspiz Theory

The wrapping paper cartels didn’t add grid lines to the back to aid our straight cutting but did it so that we couldn’t use offcuts as labels meaning we had to buy them! $$$$$$$$$$$$

Yes @moker I am fucking stepping to you.


literally never seen wrapping paper with gridlines on the back

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Then you literally haven’t wrapped a present in several years.


I am from now on treating astrology as a conspiracy theory.

Have you/would you ever use offcuts of wrapping paper as a label for a gift

  • Yes
  • Of course not

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Or doesn’t buy his wrapping paper from supermarkets.

Fucking hell, I didn’t have him down as a paperchase tat man

Actually you’re part right as obviously buying paper specifically so it can be torn up and binned is an immoral act which I stopped many years ago.

It’s not the norm but by god, I’ve done it.

The front of old Christmas cards make great labels. Just punch a hole in the corner and attach with string. Put your message on the other side. Some cards you can even make three or four labels with.


This would not be classed as an immoral act.


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Do you glue these wrapping paper labels on, or do you leave them flapping about?

Unless you use some seriously sturdy wrapping paper, those labels are going to get dog-eared quickly. You’d be better off using the fronts of old Christmas cards instead. Or, y’know, just buying a roll of 100 labels for £1

paperchase tat man
Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
Yo da dub dub


I have only done it in emergencies (ie running out of labels) but have seen it many time (I’m a man of great experience). Both varieties.

Paperchase put grids on the back of their wrapping paper.

Amazing that anyone would bother buying presents for people they so obviously don’t give a fuck about

IKEA don’t do it, nor do poundshop ultra cheap types but it seems like every other does.

I posted that before I realised smee’s strong ethical stance on wrapping paper.

There is secret santa on these very boards!