Consumables you have a lot of



14 bottles of Ribena (850ml)
70 shit rolls
1.25l shower gel
2l+ liquid soap
100+ dishwasher tab
60+ bottles of beer
Can’t be bothered to think about spirits and wine but doing ok there too

What you packing?


Alright creakyknees


got three medium-to-small tubs of swarfega


I had 100 pens last september, of those I’m down to 0 working pens


That’s probably too much ribena m9


I’ve got a pretty good stationery gig at work. Realised I could bypass all authorisation levels and go straight to the orderer and get whatever the fuck I like. Going to play it cool though so I don’t ruin a good thing.


oh! carrier bags. got fucking millions of the things.

started stockpiling when the 5p charge first came in but I’m still collecting them faster than I can reuse them. fuck knows what I’m meant to do with 500 carrier bags but I’m not chucking them. no way.


Yeah me too


The situation is complicated by my wife liking normal and me like light.


Could build yourself a Balonz


Ever use hot water man? That’s a treat and make no mistake


sack her off, it’s never going to work


That’s her game, I never partake.


It’s good though because visitors always want hers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


can you not just put less ribena in and it will taste the same as light ribena


I need my hit of aspartame, japes.


Got a couple of tins of deodorant, a couple of bottles of shower gel in storage. Tend to have at least 3 or 4 tins of chopped tomatoes, mixed beans, baked beans, etc in stock in the kitchen cupboards at all time.

The parents-in-law are fully prepared for the outbreak of war - They’ve got two chest freezers full of food in the garage, and basically a spare set of kitchen cupboards full of stuff (23 tins of beans, 15 tins of soup, about a dozen jars of curry suace, 6 bags of pasta, for examples).

We went round a couple of weeks ago and there was an Asda receipt on the side with another 8 tins of beans on it.


urbanfox, I’m going to level with you, I’m not very happy with tins of deodorant, not happy at all.


your whats known as a prepper


I’ve got millions of tins of chopped tomatoes. I don’t normally leave a supermarket without them, because I’m paranoid I’ll run out.