Consumer Advice Thread (Xmas-based, potentially rolling)

Thread for getting advice from the consumers of DiS on products you are considering purchasing.

Chat allowed - I’m reasonable

The tv wants a Kindle - which one is best?

This one


Everyone should commit to only 2nd hand or homemade Christmas presents this year. I know this is harder if you’ve got kids of a certain age, but please y’all, everyone try really really hard.

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Bought my parents an Echo Dot, anyone know how easy they are for old people to use once I’ve set it up for them? They’ll mainly use it for Spotify and the weather forecast.

Cos the planet is dying and it’s Christmas’s fault


I think an element of this is reasonable, not sure I could do the whole lot though


my mum said:

“If you are wondering what to give me for Christmas: largish metal wind chimes. Thank you xx”

dunno if anyone has any ideas?


I’m not sure that’s why

so what are you buying/making this year then?

I’d normally try Etsy for that kind of thing.

So, try Etsy?

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Don’t buy wind chimes or her neighbours will hate her

Yeah, I started down the road a few years ago now. Where it’s ended up for my family is way way fewer presents overall and each person probably only gives a present to 2 or 3 others in total. No one misses the amount we used to give/get and Christmas generally is a lot more fun and meaningful (for other non related reasons as well admittedly)

It’s certainly one of them.

Dunno yet. I made a big photo collage and bought a place on a weekend woodwork course for me birds 40th recently.

For Christmas I’m thinking some kind of largeish wind chimes?

Pro tip.

Illegally download a load of books and put them on. Say that you bought them


she’s already got loads of windchimes everywhere. they’re so annoying. we hate the neighbours already though. I cursed a couple of them last year and now they’re all gravely ill. I’m going to buy her the biggest windchimes.


are you buying less overall or just christmas?

i think it’s fine to buy new stuff but as long as you’re gonna get use out of it. I’ve never agreed to buying crap for craps sake at christmas.

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Less overall. Although we still spend all of our money one way or another so who knows if it’s making a genuine difference.

I reckon I want one of those sunrise alarm clocks. It’s really dark when I wake up and I need to be getting out of bed.

Any recommendations? Not fussed about the sound quality or anything like that.

Thinking of buying a second-hand PS4 for myself as I’m going to be working over Christmas and New Year and will be all alone and I just want to play that new Star Wars game.

What’s a good price and a good model? Are CEX/Cash Convertors any good? Anything else I need to know?