Consumer Advice Thread (Xmas-based, potentially rolling)

From where?
To be honest I have flown from Bristol to Glasgow a couple of times in the last 4 years. Such an awfully long (with young kids) and expensive journey by any other means. Won’t be doing it again though, it’s just irresponsible however you spin it.

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You could just get a LIFX bulb for an existing lamp

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London to Glasgow train is lovely stuff

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Oooh, interesting!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Would obviously always take the train but if you’re restricted to travelling in an evening flying is always cheaper. Edinburgh Flights + stansted express were always like half the price of even the cheapest post-work train.

Hate the railways sometimes. £65 one way from Peterborough to Edinburgh jist before Christmas, booked within five minutes of it going on sale. Was trying to book a Newcastle to London ticket for work the other day and it was £160. Split it at York and it came out at £15+£45. Staying in the same seat!!!’n

Even if it’s a tilty train, they make me feel proper gross

potw @JaguarPirate

ah fucking hell

is potw still a thing? this made me laugh a great deal though

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Wireless chargers for an iPhone

What’s the best one?
What should I look for?
Any suggestions?

One where it props it up. The phone just slides off the flat one I’ve got all the time

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