Contactless payments


Such is my anxiety, whenever this has happened before I’ve thought ‘hackers have hacked my account with their hacky ways and have stolen all of my sweet, sweet bunce’.


suppose this has been happening to me. no idea what was going on, the tesco robot suddenly told me I needed to enter my pin like in the olden days. was mad irked.


it’s amazing how quickly advances in technology can make simple stuff feel like a massive chore, innit

From “I doubt I’ll use this contactless malarky” to resenting having to type four numbers on a keypad.


Guys I’m so cool that I haven’t signed the back of my last 3 debit cards. Fuck the man amirite.


Can you imagine in the 1970s and earlier, most people had to go to the bank with a “bank book” issued by the bank to make a withdrawal and pay for day to day items with cash (except more expensive items where you might use your cheque book). Insane!!!


Not a fan of the occasional pin requirement, I often panic which displaces the pin from my head, usually try my work phone extension, once that happens my pin will be gone for a couple of days when eventually my finger muscle memory will remember, any active thinking about it pushes it further away


Buy some shit over £30 you cheapskate





Not sure how that happened. I like it though.


Remember that poll thread about whether you actually make contact with the reader when using a contactless card?

One of the founding poll threads of New-DiS IMO. A very important work.


Do you know where your cheque book is?

  • Yes
  • No
  • U Wot?

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Is that the new money that they advertise on tv so that you can pay for gas every time you wash your hands or water every tiime you shit?


I have done this. It was a pain in the ass, particularly on Fridays as banks were full of people trying to get cash for the weekend.


I initiated the bank switching process this week, so my week has been infinitely wilder than yours


Haven’t had a cheque book for about 5-8 years


it’s well easy nowadays isn’t it?


How long ago? I’m wondering when bank books were phased out and using cards became commonplace? Some time in the 1980s would be my guess.


i generally try to carry around a spare tenner, you never know when a card might act up and who needs the angst.


I carry an emergency note which I affectionately refer to as ice cream money.


I think so? Waiting for the inevitable fuck up where I’m not able to access any of my money