Contemporary grunge

Was going to post Bully at the catchier end of grunge - I am huge fan of Losing which has elements of Hole and Nirvana for sure - liked Sugaregg too.Strikes me that in a different environment they could have made it quite big.

I would also posit Superhaven - Ours is Chrome as a decent contemporary grunge record.

Dilly Dally have a definite grungy sound

Nothing were the first band that came to mind - The Great Dismal has a glossy-yet-bummed out vibe that’s kind of similar to Nevermind.

They also recorded a gorgeous cover of Something In The Way for the Whatever Nevermind compilation.

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:arrow_forward:︎ Luminous Bodies | Luminous Bodies (

More toward the Melvins or TAD side of things, there’s more than a whiff of Bleach era Nirvana on Leatherman.

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Yeah i was gonna say Thou. Don’t sound grunge per se but the influence is clearly there in a number of riffs and melodies. The Rhea Slyvia EP in particular wore the AiC influence proudly. And of course there are the millions of Nirvana covers, and soundgarden…

But yeah, side 2 of Rhea Sylvia in particular…

The HIRS Collective side of the nirvana covers record is brilliant also while we’re at it (better than the Thou side to be honest). super party (they don’t generally sound grunge though!)

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Yeah, exactly. I’m thinking that the reference above to Kerrang explains it. Grunge was inherited by metalheads and became some sub-genre (sludge metal? idk) or a flourish, while everywhere else it largely petered out.

That’s my theory, anyway.

Gonna go through this thread and listen to the sincere suggestions over the next few days.

This is actually a really good description. It also happens to capture why I find the album a bit mediocre.

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Superheaven for sure fit here:

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What happened to Male Bonding?


DRUG CHURCH sound pretty GRUNGE to me!


And Do I Wanna Know?

Nah cuz they actually exist

Apparently they put out a record in 2016?

That Hey Colossus record is so good

Skating Polly are great and ridiculously young when they started (they’re got like 5 albums and must only be out of their teens). They’re siblings and all swap instruments. Very much that 90’s riot grrl/grunge sound.

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I’m going to take that as proof of my theory, in that it’s also the least metal-looking cover of the lot.

I mean as everyone knows I don’t think grunge is a thing but I would get if someone was to describe them as that I would get what they mean. There is definitely a sludge metal aspect too but I guess they’re born out of the same scene anyway because of Melvins?