Contemporary UK bands that get you excited


Just a chance to share your favourite recent bands/artists from these isles…bands that you are excited to hear new music from. Kind of a response to how poorly the “best english/scottish bands from the last 10 years” threads from the old forums turned out. Not confined to any genre/style etc.

For me, it’s

FKA Twigs
Wolf Alice
C Duncan
Adult Jazz
Nick Mulvey


Young Fathers



and I will chuck in Teleman also


definitely adult jazz. excited to see if anything comes out from these new puritans any time soon too, cause field of reeds was lit. Anna meredith as well, but not much apart from that.


Sleaford Mods
Factory Floor
The Wave Pictures
Wild Beasts
Bat for Lashes
Sauna Youth


Martha. Can’t get enough of them.


Everything Everything.
They seem to split opinion on these boards, but would be a strong candidate for strongest output so far this decade for me. Going from strength to strength on each album and so much fun live.


I always seem to have the same stock response to this sort of question but for me:

The Twilight Sad
We Were Promised Jetpacks
There Will Be Fireworks


Emily Lee. YouTube


Meilyr Jones. Plenty others I love, but none that I’m really excited album (although I probably was excited about Haiku Salut, Twilight Sad and Martha before I’d seen them 10-20 times)


Drunk in Hell
No Form
Lower Slaughter
Workin’ Man Noise Unit
Teeth of the Sea
Big Naturals

all get me paying attention.


The Kayas


I forgot Kogumaza.


The Wytches


Only one I can think of is Burial, lots of anticipation for the next release. Though if you had said UK + Ireland, I would also be saying Girl Band!


Alias Kid!!!


Lung Dart
Anna Meredith
Adult Jazz
Young Fathers
LA Priest
Django Django


Young Fathers
Let’s Eat Grandma
These New Puritans
The Bug
The Invisible
Forest Swords


Everything Everything and Wild Beasts.

Probably two of the best cult bands since the mid 90s era of Mansun, Strangelove, Super Furries etc. Wild Beasts have occasionally wobbled but otherwise their output has been stunning. EE should, by all rights, be one of the biggest bands going right now. No one else is putting out anything as savvy, heartbreaking, catchy and downright danceable as Get To Heaven; it’s so brilliant I almost feel crushed by the weight of what they’ve achieved with it.