Content warning - helping a hurt bird

Hijust been alerted by a tonne of starlings screaming in the garden to a magpie who must attacked a nest.

On my deck there is a bird who looks like their neck has been broken. They are still alive but can’t see to move.

Does anyone know what I should do humanely?

RSPB website says injured birds should be put in a well ventilated box if possible, because the darkness is less stressful for them and helps with shock. So I’d go for that then call the SSPCA, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to do much from what you’re saying.


Got s wildlife shelter/wildlife rescue place nearby? Give them s ring and they’ll help

I know someone who took an injured gull to the vets to be euthanised, she didn’t have to pay. Maybe ask a nearby vet?

Yeah, absolutely this. I did this a few years back for a pigeon with a bad wing in our back garden. RSPCA advised which local vet to get in contact with and I dropped the bird off with them - no idea whether they euthanised or it could be saved, but no doubt they dealt with it as humanely as possible.

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Yes, a shoebox with some holes put in if you have one, and a call to sspca to ask them what to do, did this once for an injured pigeon and the rspca picked it up

CW: animal death

thanks for the help everyone, i covered them with a box with a few holes and called the SSPCA, where a person on the phone helped me take some details and what to do to keep the bird safe while the officer came out, but
sadly the bird passed before the call was over. i feel rotten now. didn’t expect to watch an animal die when i woke this morning.

Big hugs mate - you’ve done all the right things x


:frowning: really sad but you’re a very good man @escutcheon


thanks pal, helps a bit.

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