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Possibly a ‘People Who’ thread

Every time i drive on a motorway i am driven to distraction by drivers who seem to have no idea about how lanes should be used.

I think there should be occasional signs saying ‘stay left unless overtaking’ tbh. I think a lot of people just quite literally don’t know; the fact that you don’t go on the motorway until you’ve passed your test probably consolidates this. Good driving instructors will cover it anyway but not everyone has a good driving instructor or takes everything in.

The law has recently been changed to allow learners onto the motorway iirc. I was lucky enough to learn near an A road with 3 carriages and national speed limit, so I got a lot of motorway instruction.

I drive on the motorway every single day. I’m more concerned by the idiot BMW and Audi drivers* who think that the speed limit doesn’t apply to them.

Nobody’s going to die because someone’s doing 60 in the middle lane, but if there’s someone doing 100 and they make a mistake…

*blah blah blah, not all BMW / Audi drivers, etc. I’m not saying that people who drive those cars are idiots, but that it’s idiots who choose to drive those cars

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Would end up with hundreds of people driving down the hard shoulder

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Course they could Miss Daisy

I have a quick poll for you on this one.

If you were a passenger being driven by a mate whose lane discipline was appalling, would you:

  • call it out in a gentle ribbing kind of way
  • ignore it (everyone hates a backseat driver) but sit there simmering with rage the entire journey
  • do something else?

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My mate is a terrible driver, call him out for it all the time. He thinks i drive too fast and when he complains i just drive faster until he shuts up.

We work away a lot together

If it was a mate I’d just tell him/her to move over. And why are we only doing 50? You’re too close to the back of that van, mate. You need to get in lane now for the junction. No, that one.

the age of political correctness shouldn’t make us censor the fact that all BMW and Audi drivers are, without exemption, reprehensible scum of the earth Tories


phew I’m glad I went for a Ferrari

What if he kept on complaining until you got full speed? I suppose you could crash and die that wud really show him

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Yep, sometimes you’ve got to prove your point with actual answers

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Worse than motorway lane etiquette is swimming pool lane etiquette. We have 3 clearly marked lanes: slow medium and fast. There are also posters up around the pool explaining proper lane etiquette. Yet still, arseholes will proceed to WALK in the medium lane, sometimes even fast lane. The worst offender walks backwards in the middle lane with her arms flailing to her sides with no thought for her fellow pool users. Cunts, to a man

depends if your talking in terms of frequency or severity of the infringement, the description above is pretty severe infringement maybe the equivalent of a drunk driver

Take public transport next time, obviously.

The taco lady has run out of tacos

Glad to have some consensus here

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