Contractually obliged thread

This fulfils my duties as a member of the boards for this International Start a Thread Day, I trust there will be nothing else.


Is this the evening thread?

No, don’t think it is. There was no warning sign if so.

I demand more

hiya SDD

bit cold isn’t it? i’m having a late coffee

It’s cold, but it doesn’t feel December Cold to me.

Hey, you ever worry about “oh shit, did I lock the door properly?” while you’re out and about?

It is now 6pm.

  • This is the evening thread.
  • Actually, I think you’ll find that it isn’t.

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Not really, I’m in a block of flats that has secure access so if someone was to try the door they’d be one of my neighbours, and while I don’t know them all well enough to trust them, I’ve lived there a while and there’s been no incidents.

I’m more likely to worry that I’ve left the water heater on, because mine is faulty and doesn’t trip the thermostat when it gets to the right temperature, so it continues heating and heating until I’ve essentially got a huge tank of boiling water in the cupboard and that’s not safe.

should go out for a run but mmmmmmmmmmm dont want to

also need to go shops for some dinner

Went to the craft beer shop to buy presents and mostly bought beer for myself oh well

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Fun can


On a train to hampshire. Going out tonight but can feel the booster fog setting in. Should be fun. Didnt have time to grab food either so it’s gonna be some sort of train pasty for tea if i’m lucky. Big night for eric, lads!

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Got boosted, now staaaaarvin’


what are you supposed to do with that when you’re done drinking it? hang it up on the wall or something?


that’s just Hants, mate.


how long was your booster odyssey start to finish in the end?

About 3.5 hrs. Told work i’d be in by 11 and got there at nearly 3 lol. Oops.

Probably put it in the recycling

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