Contrary Twats

What really-popular thing have you never exposed yourself to, then meekly try and excuse your ignorance.

Then let others try and talk you into it.

I’ve never seen West Wing, or Prison Break, or The Wire, or Battlestar Galactica, or Firefly, or The Sopranos. Bit overwhelmed tbh, seems a lot to get into.

Some cunts don’t have accounts

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don’t bother mate, they’re rubbish

Most of the bands you lot talk about. The ones that spring to mind that I see mentioned all the time and I never known what their music sounds like.
The National
TV On The Radio
axctually can’t be arsed making this list.


Never watched the whole of Bladerunner - any cut - can’t be arsed

read the book & listened to the soundtrack a billion times, what more could the film possibly give me?

saw the Star Wars that’s meant to be good. It was ok. Got dragged along to one of the shit ones at the cinema, never going to bother with the rest

Most stuff on TV, like all those American series on Netflix and etc. I’ve tried watching a few of them but usually get bored before the end of the first series.

Generally cba with films, particularly Star Wars, superhero films and all that shit for adult babies.

Ooh good shout. Never seen it either. Always want to, but… y’know… effort.

Just had a look at IMDB… only seen 16 of the top 50. 25 year-old HMV-middle-management-me would be appalled.

It might shock you to learn that I’m not interested in football.

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Game of Thrones

I haven’t seen any of the following (and they’re all the same in my head):

Parks & Rec
Always Sunny

At some point I probably will, but there are so many series, and I barely watch TV these days.

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Any TV series box set where everyone says “It gets REALLY good in the 3rd or 4th season”. Fuck that noise. I’m talking about you Breaking Bad.


Music Festivals - shit for idiots who want to have their photo taken wearing a flower crown pretending to have a good time
Restaurants - just give me some sweet sweet chicken wings in a box, pal
Holidays - Expensive boring crap for people with nothing to look forward to except death

It’s still good until then, it just gets better.


never seen

die hard

never been to

most other places

really rare for any series of anything to start off AMAZING though innit. even the wire steps up from season one. If the first series is good enough to bother getting through it that’s fine

The older I get the more I appreciate watching stuff as it progresses, rather than watching stuff to get to the end point.

Not sure this makes any sense.

Oh, back to the future is fine, absolutely no interest in watching either of the sequels

firefly is only 14 episodes in total (:sob:) so that one isn’t that much to get into

I’ve never watched GOT or mad men, probably never will. finally got around to attempting the sopranos a couple of years ago, but I went a while without watching any, forgot where I was up to and couldn’t be bothered to start again. what I had seen was pretty good, but not as good as I had been led to believe it was