Contrived ways of pointing out the passing of time

X is closer to Y than it is to the present day. For example:

The Blondie song Maria was released closer to the original release of Atomic than it is to the present day.
Original Jive Bunny single “Swing the Mood” is closer to it’s first sample, Let’s Twist Again, than it is to the present day.

Does that make sense? Anything in this you reckon? Got any examples? Films could work I guess.

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@NoahVale was born closer to WWI than he was the present day (he told this one the other month and I thought it was good :+1:)

Pixies have been reformed longer than they were broken up?

I spend all my sleepless nights fretting about this stuff.

the 97 general election is a kind of touchstone because it doesn’t seem like very long ago to me and yet if you count back that amount of time again it’s 1976!


This xkcd chart was made closer to the release of Anchorman, than to the present day:


Thinking about this sort of thing at night is what brought this on. I see the Gallaghers strutting about, full of themselves and think “that was 25 years ago”. 25 years before that was 1969!


Someone asked if I wanted to see The The the other day. I said “oh I’ve already seen them…in 1989!!!”

29 years ago!!!

That’s like someone back then asking me if I wanted to go and see Chubby Checker!

(I said “no” because I cba)


I forgot that. Cheers


I got your back buddy :+1:

A boy started working here recently, born in 2001. To him, 9/11 is what the fall of the Berlin Wall is to me - a notable event in my lifetime that I’ve read about and seen footage of, but don’t remember (which automatically makes it less powerful, I think).


WWII for me… :confused:

something about Back to the Future

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I’m going to see them in Brum, I had the same conversation. I decided that I could be arsed because not being so is a sign of getting old

You’ll massively regret this decision on the actual night. :slight_smile:

Cleopatra lived closer to the invention of the iPhone than the building of the pyramids.


It will be good seeing a man on stage who is older than me tbqh


Coming at ya!


There’s a good one about dinosaurs, something like the end of the Cretaceous period (when they died out) is closer to today than it is to the start of the Triassic period (when they first appeared on Earth)

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this one’s only “surprising” if you don’t know anything about ancient history and if you don’t know anything about ancient history I don’t why you’d be “surprised” by it’s timeline

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Although I do look at someone like Matt Johnson and think he is to me what (say) Thom York is to the Younger Generation

I don’t even like to think about how relatively little time homo sapien has been around.