Contrived ways of pointing out the passing of time

Thats actually shaken me to the core

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It’ll be 1989 next year. The actual 80s.

ha ha you’re slightly worse than me!

I remember being younger and there was a retrospective documentary on Sgt Pepper’s, to mark the 20th anniversary (obviously, ‘it was 20 years ago today’) and I remember thinking ‘fuck off old people, 20 years ago is the incredible deep dark past’, mainly because I wasn’t born then.

And now we’re well past 20 years on all ‘my’ records (The Stone Roses), past 30 on many of them (The Queen is Dead), and hitting 40 or even 50 for the records I liked from before my era (Bowie, Ramones).

Christ I’m old.

I remember watching some 1966 beach boys thing on YouTube, black and white ancient looking, only 15 years before I was born

Ffs I can’t believe you can just completely make something like this up and after 3 hours even marckee hasn’t come in to correct you

Cleopatra’s Comin’ Atcha! is now closer to Joy Division’s first album than today


I’m not even going to verify whether that’s true because it’s too horrific to contemplate.

the release date of GTA san andreas is closer to it’s setting than to today

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It’s actually not true but only because I misremembered what year UP came out (79 rather than 78)

So pretend I said the second Talking Heads record instead :notes::office::doughnut:


I’ve stopped believing anything you say by default since the whole Malay/Malaysia thing.

I was perfectly happy to accept this. Pretty much anything involving space sounds feasible, it’s just way too complicated and large.

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I looked that up as I thought it couldn’t be true, but I ended up reading a load of stuff about Saturn so all’s good in the end


I’d like to see some kind of sped up 3D moving map of the solar system to scale but I just can’t be arsed to google it.

Everyone over the age of 39.5 is I think?

just found this:

pluto such a rebel

hmm, bit of a risk that it could take a long time to load, think I’ll leave it for now thanks

only joking.

well, I’ve been wondering about what that really looks like for years and years, and now i know. Always assumed the orbits were all over the shop, didn’t realise they were all lined up like that so nicely, or that Earth’s orbit was so unusual in being the same distance from the sun all the time. thanks for closing off that bit of curiosity and wonderment in my brain in the space of about 1 minute 30 seconds.

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Hope I’m around on the 19th June 2061 to get this sweet view of Halley’s comet

closer now to Halley’s Comet turning up again than we are to The Godfather 2 coming out