Controversial chocolate

  • Orange - YES
  • Mint - YES
  • Orange - FUCK OFF MATE
  • Mint - FUCK OFF MATE
  • Mint - just a hint
  • Orange - kurious
  • Plain dark chocolate only please, I’m saps

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I don’t understand it. The more I complain and whine the more this joke continues.



Would get a fuck off mate from me as well


gah. I knew there was another one I was forgetting.


Liqueur chocolates

  • Bring it on
  • Ugh! Waste of perfectly good alcohol

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You know what, I was of that mind frame once upon a time
NOW the coffee one is the first one i’m after. Especially if its a cappuccino truffle.


Coffee, mint, orange are all fantastic (possibly even better than your common or garden chocolate).


Dairy Milk Swastikas


It can be nice granted, but often it’s that ‘coffee’ flavour rather than actual chocolate or coffee flavour? Does that make sense?


It’s just not been the same since Kraft took over!!


Mint - Yes in all forms
Orange - flavour chocolate (i.e Terry’s) - yes/ filling - no


tell you what though, when I was in that new zealand i had some kiwi chocolate

pretty, pretty…good


Terry’s chocolate paedos


Coffee is a great flavour in/with chocolate.



Surprised you’ve even eaten some you chocolate virgin


Coconut and chocolate

  • Delicious
  • I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells, and I like to kiss my own butt

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Ooooh. Handbags because I haven’t eaten a few manky chocolate bars barely worthy of the name?


can only choose one option?


Should’ve thought of that


Bounties are ok, dark chocolate Bounties are brilliant. Anyone who disagrees in any way with either of those opinions is a complete fucking prick.

when bounty is a brand name is the plural ‘Bountys’ or ‘Bounties’?